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Voice Project launches new ‘Language that Cares’ Dictionary

Date: Monday, 25th Jan 2021 | Category: Newsletter January 2021

The Voice Project are so excited to announce the launch of their restorative language dictionary. The finalised document is called Language that Cares – Staffordshire Dictionary.

It has been a co-produced document with children, staff members and foster carers in the area having led on creating this Dictionary for the new restorative practice approach.  The Voice Project have looked at most of the words that are commonly use in Children’s Services that creates a stigma, and the group have worked on more restorative alternatives. Everyone including the young people have committed so much time to the Dictionary, in hopes that it supports everyone in the new restorative way of working.

As much as this dictionary is going to be so helpful moving forward, this only a guideline, all of the language that is used should be led by the children and families we are working with as there is no ‘one size fits all’ approach. If you’re unsure on the language to use, then just ask them. This dictionary will be a working document that is constantly reviewed by the families and children we work with, as times change, the stigma around the language we use will also change, so keeping this as an open and fluid document will ensure that we are always using language that cares.

To view the new Language that Cares dictionary click here

For any questions, please contact Lauren Carthy – or Mandy Thomas –