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Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire Board Update

Date: Thursday, 17th Sep 2020 | Category: General

The Board are delighted to welcome Assistant Chief Constable Scott Green who has taken over from interim Assistant Chief Constable Simon Tweets. ACC Scott Green joined Staffordshire Police on August,17 from South Yorkshire Police.

The Board are also delighted to welcome to the Partnership Superintendent Carl Ratcliffe, Head of Partnership from Staffordshire Police. Carl takes over from Superintendent Simon Brownsword.

Performance and Quality Assurance Framework

The Board recently signed off the Performance and Quality Assurance Framework developed by consultant Divya Mystry which reinforced the Boards main priority focus – neglect. The implementation of this framework will establish;

•      How confident are we that there are effective systems in place that support and protect children who are at risk of, or are experiencing neglect?

•      How effective are we at improving children’s lives by

•      Identify strengths and good practice

•      Identify areas that require improvement

There will now be single-agency audits in September in line with the normal audit cycle – to focus on process and practice and a multi-agency audit – to focus on impact and outcomes; what has worked well through the eyes of a child in October.

Meeting with Sir Alan Wood

On August,28 the Board had a very positive meeting with Sir Alan Wood whose work is commissioned by the Local Authorities, National Health Service and Local Government to consider new arrangements under Working Together 2018 since implementation over 12 months ago.

Sir Alan is currently meeting with all early adopters of the new arrangements to establish what worked well and outcomes achieved.

Serious Case Reviews

Two reviews were carried over under the new arrangements and although concluded have not yet been published due to parallel criminal proceedings. However as with all reviews the learning doesn’t stop and as such the Board is working with partners to update training and develop a series of short  animations that remind us all of the signs and indicators of neglect and intra familial sexual abuse. Once finalised, these training aids will appear on the new website and via our social media platforms

Safeguarding Children Training starts with positive results

The Board’s training in safeguarding children re-started on September,1 with a positive take up and engagement. Over 150 Core Slides packages to deliver Level one have already been purchased and Level two training started this week. Level four will begin on September,30 with the first course already full subscribed. Further Level two and four will continue to be offered and delegates can sign up by visiting the Learning Zone on our website

Initial feedback has been wholly positive with delegates stating they feel more confident in this subject area and are better equipped to spot the signs since taking part in the training. One practitioner went on to identify a child in need and put in place the support needed soon after completing the course.