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Family F – Reflective Learning Event

Date: Thursday, 25th Mar 2021 | Category: General

Following on from the Serious Case Review of Family F by Independent Reviewer Joanna Nicolas the Board bought proceeding to a close with a dedicated reflective learning event for all those involved in this case.

The tragic death of four children, Riley Holt, Keegan Unitt, Tilly Unitt and Olly Unitt who died in a house fire in Stafford in February 2019 lead to the serious case review and the subsequent learning from that review.

The event on Thursday 18, March was chaired by Joanna Nicolas and supported by the review team. Attendees were at first anxious about the event and this was addressed in the first instance by Joanna explaining the purpose was to explore how organisations involved in the findings of the review had taken the learning and implemented changes across the board and to share those implementations with all involved.

Updates from Staffordshire County Council – Children’s Social Care, Midlands Partnership NHS Foundation Trust, the Clinical Commissioning Group, Education, Education Psychology Service and Early Years were deliverd across the event and attendees were encourage to ask questions and investigate more what changes had been made to mitigate the occurrence of such tragedies happening again.

As the event drew to a close Board Manager Lynne Milligan said;

“The Board recognises the difficulty this review has caused to practitioners and the review team and I hope that everyone can put closure around these tragic deaths now that the process is over. However going forward the learning and its impact is very much alive. The Board have incorporated the learning from this review and included neglect as its priority for the coming year. The launch of the new Graded Care Profile 2 toolkit will enhance every practitioners confidence and ability to recognise the signs of neglect and work with families to secure a better outcome for the child. Enhanced training will be delivered with neglect in mind and we will be seeking feedback around the methodology of the reflective learning event and continue to support our practitioners and partners in the future as a result of that feedback.”

Independant reviewer Joanna Nichols said;

Staffordshire have done such a good job and the learning is extensive, constructive and positive and changes will make things less challenging for practitioners where chronic neglect has been recognised to make the system more effective and protect children. I want to personally thank all front line staff and strategic leads and i hope that despite the difficulties for you all you feel you have been listed to and heard.”

More information around the learning, the changes and the implementation of further developments will continue to be shared with everyone in future communications.