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Child Exploitation Partner Referral Information and Resources

Date: Tuesday, 04th Aug 2020 | Category: Newsletter August 2020

The Local Authority Child Exploitation team have released the following guidance regarding the referral process and other resources for practitioners.

Multi Agency Criminal Exploitation (MACE) panels have been convening for several months and some trends are becoming apparent around the referral processes for Youth Offending Service (YOS) Prevention, Catch22 Child Sexual Exploitation/Missing service as well as the new Child Criminal Exploitation service. There is also information about Staffordshire T3 Stars, Police Harm reduction hubs and accessing support from Department for Work and Pensions (DWP) which are shared below.

Young Offending Service Prevention

The Youth Justice, Early Help and  Prevention  Service  in Staffordshire, is delivered by a small team of six  across the County . Their main objective is to  deter and prevent children  from requiring statutory intervention in the Youth Justice System . Using a trauma informed trusted relationship and Contextual Safeguarding approach to identify those who are, involved in anti-social behaviour and who are considered to be at  risk of  offending behaviour and causing  harm to  others and are vulnerable to  the exploitation of others .

Contact for referral advice.

Catch22 CSE/Missing Service

Catch22 work with children and young people who have gone missing from home or care, or who are at risk of Child Sexual Exploitation (CSE) delivering bespoke support and interventions to children and young people to build resilience and aspiration, empowering them to take control of their lives and supporting them to stay safe.

Missing from Home Service

Any child reported missing in Stoke-on-Trent or Staffordshire is automatically referred into Catch22 where  experienced staff visit the child or young person to ensure that they are OK and their needs are being met. The team aim to capture the voice of the child and listen to their views and feelings. In response to this intervention, referrals may be made into other services or bespoke support initiated.

CSE Service

Referrals into the Catch22 CSE service are made via the MACE Risk Factor Matrix offer a variety of support packages including direct work with the child, Bespoke support packages including sharing resources with professionals as well as group work. The aim is to educate children and young people on what CSE is and equip them with the tools and knowledge so they are able to keep themselves safe.


Catch22 CCE Service

Work with children who are at risk of Child Criminal Exploitation (CCE) and/or involved in gangs, Catch22 CCE Service deliver bespoke support and interventions to build resilience and aspiration, empowering children to take control of their lives and supporting them to stay safe.

If you are working with a child you are concerned about, who is not already working with YOS or YOS prevention please send your completed RFM to Catch22 directly as a referral:

Staffordshire T3 Stars

T3 Stars is a Staffordshire confidential service for young people from 10 to 20 years of age in Staffordshire (excluding Stoke-on-Trent) addressing the difficulties faced by young people who are affected by parent/carer or another family members’ alcohol and/or drug use. Notably, the work with children, young people and parents is about identity; working through with them where they feel & fit into the family unit. The team focus on building up the resilience of young people: empowering them to build up their own mechanisms to cope with problems and stresses by helping them map out and build on their own support networks as well as providing education, advice, information and interventions relating to young people’s own experiences of drug use.

Please email for referral advice

Police Harm Reduction Hubs

If you have information that you would like to share with your local hub, or check whether they have information that may affect your work with a child, please use the email address of each hub below;

Gangs IOM Team (Newcastle & Moorlands only) –

Newcastle –

Lichfield –

Tamworth –

Burton –

Staffs Moorlands –

Cannock –

South Staffs –

Stafford –

Department for Work & Pensions

There are single points of contact across the county for support with accessing employment or apprenticeship for 16-17 year old children you are working with.

Newcastle & Staffordshire Moorlands – Neil Cotterill – 07770 704919

Rest of Staffordshire – Catherine Powell – 07341 097313 (in post from 14/07/2020)