Safeguarding in Faith Organisations

All faith organisations should have in place a safeguarding children policy and a designated person for safeguarding children.  The designated person should undertake an appropriate child protection training course 'Working Together to Safeguard Children'. The SSCB are currently working with a variety of faith organisations in order to develop specific packages aimed at groups that include mosques in order to develop their practice further.

All faith based organisations need to have appropriate arrangements in place for safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children.  These arrangements should include:

  • Procedures for staff and others to report concerns that they have about the children
  • Appropriate codes of practice for staff
  • Appropriate recruitment procedures
  • Appropriate training and supervision of staff and volunteers

All allegations against staff must be reported to a local authority designated officer (LADO) in First Response (0800 1313126) who will advise on what action needs to be taken.

Faith organisations should refer to and use the guidance this website when developing their safeguarding children policies

Useful websites and publications

CCPAS (The Churches' Child Protection Advisory Service)

CCPAS has many years experience of working with a range of faith organisations. CCPAS offers advice and support, a range of training and resources, and a 24 hour telephone helpline for churches, other places of worship and faith based groups and individuals, providing advice and support on safeguarding issues.


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