Our training is funded by members of the SSCB.

The charge for participants attending SSCB training are as follows:-

PLEASE NOTE THIS may change due to Board contribuations to training, as soon as the deicision has been made we will inform everyone already booked on the training


  • Partner agencies contributing funding to the SSCB training budget - free
  • All others including independent organisations, independent schools and academies £30 
  • Staffordshire Local authority schools - £30
  • Stoke-on-Trent Local authority schools - Free
  • Charities based within Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire County Council boundaries - free (Please supply charity number).(charities have to be registered with  the charity commission)  Please note: that the above exemption does not apply to Independent Schools, Colleges or other non-contributing education establishments
  • Voluntary organisations within Stoke-on-Trent and Staffordshire County Council boundaries - free

You will be invoiced once you have allocated your training. Please note that in September the system will take payments. 

Face to Face

To be agreed


Attendance on our training events:

Full attendance is required for all our training events this is to ensure that you get the maximum benefit of Multi Agency training. Please ensure that you have booked the time off to cover the whole training. We will give delegates half hour grace either side of the training on the full day events. This will not apply to the half day and lite bite events due to the short duration of these events.

In the event that you leave before the end of the training, you will be marked as a non-attendance and charged as per our cancellation policy and no certificate will be given; this will mean that you will have to complete the training again.

Cancellation  Policy:

Please note that the cancellation policy still applies for free courses.

  • Less than 2 weeks will incur a cancellation fee of £100 (£75 for half day events and £40 for a lite Bite events)
  • Less than 4 weeks will incur a cancellation fee of £50 (£37.50 for half day events and £20 for Lite Bite events)

Regardless of the circumstances you will be charged as above.

No charge will be made if a replacement member of staff is substituted, however this staff member must meet any pre-requisite requirements and be approved by the SSCB Training Manager

The charge will be sent to your manager.

*Where there is a training cost for the course itself, cancellations within four weeks of the course are not refundable and your organisation will still be invoiced.

In exceptional circumstances a training event may need to be cancelled by us. In such an event, we shall let you know about the cancellation as soon as we can, and return your payment, if applicable.