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Safeguarding Children Training for Schools


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Keeping Children Safe in Education 2019 -  Guidance regarding training

14. ALL staff should receive appropriate safguarding and child protection training which is regularly updated. In addittion, all staff should receive safeguarding and child protection updates (for example, via email, e bulletins and staff meetings), as required, and at least annually, you provide them with relevant skills and knowledge to safeguard children effectively. (KCSIE 2019, . pg7)

66. The designated safeguarding lead and any deputies should undergo training to provide them with the knowledge and skills required to carry out the role. The training should be updated every two years.(KCSIE 2019, pg19)

67. In addition, to their formal training as set out above, their knowledge and skills should be updated(for example via e-bulletins, meeting other designated safeguarding leads, or taking time to read and digest safeguarding devleopments), at regular intervals, and at least annually, to keep up wityh any developments relevant to their role. (KCSIE 2019, 9g19)

84. Governing bodies and proprieters should ensure that all staff undergo safeguarding and child protection training(including online safety) at induction. The training should be regulary updated. Induction and training should be in line with advice from the local three afeguarding partners. (KCSIE 2019, pg 23)

86. Governing bodies and proprieters should recognise the expertise staff build by undertaking safeguarding training and managing safeguarding concerns on a daily basis. Opportunity should therefore be provided for staff to contribute to and shape safeguarding arrangements and child protection policy. (KCSIE 2019, pg 23)

93. The school staffing(Englan) Regulations 2009 require governing bodies of maintaned schools to ensure that at least one of the persons who conducts an interview has completed safer recruitment training. Governing bodies of maintained schools may choose appriorpiate traiing and may take advice from the local three safeguarding partners in doing so. The training should cover, as a minimum, the contect of this guidance. (KCSIE 2019, pg 24)