Core slides licensing agreement

I [the licensee] accept that in downloading the Safeguarding Children (Level 1) training materials [the product] I agree to observe the terms of use at all times.

Within the context of these terms of use the product comprises a set of PowerPoint® based core slides, for the purpose of delivering Safeguarding Children face to face classroom style training, with annotated trainer notes and guidance contained within said slides.

Terms of Use:

The licensee shall use an appropriate and effective method of training to achieve the product’s stated learning aims and objectives and should

  • ensure the most recent version of the product is used

  • ensure the person delivering the product has a good understanding of the Staffordshire Safeguarding Children Board (SSCB) policies and procedures and a good knowledge of relevant safeguarding children legislation
  • ensure any relevant information relating to safeguarding issues and procedures within the licensee’s organisation or setting is incorporated into the training

  • ensure that no slide or supporting information or trainer note within the product is deleted; only when expressly stated within the product that it is permitted to do so, may a slide be ‘hidden’ or ‘skipped’ during training
  • ensure an attendance record is kept which includes their name, place of work and date attended

  • ensure a certificate of attendance is issued to each attendee which includes a statement that ‘safeguarding children level 1 training should be renewed at least once every 3 years’ or that the ‘certificate is valid for 3 years’
  • conform to the SSCB Quality & Assurance Strategy at all times

In addition, the licensee must not

  • sell, or otherwise gain financial reward, from the distribution of the product or any part thereof
  • receive financial reward from the use of the product or any part thereof, except when expressly agreed with the licenser
  • use the SSCB name or logo in any communications, training materials or certificates except where contained within the product itself or when expressly permitted to do so by the licenser

To maintain product quality and validity the licenser will

  • honour the product’s validity for a period of 12 months from the date of published release unless significant legislative, local policy or other such changes demand that the product be updated sooner

  • make freely available, via the SSCB website, an electronic version of the product

  • retain copyright for the product at all times

  • not be held responsible for any loss or damage or other liability which may occur as a result of the product’s misuse
  • I confirm that I agree with the terms of use:
  • We will normally contact you by email to alert you to important updates to this product, if you prefer to be contacted by phone please ensure you enter your contact landline/mobile number above.
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