Know about CSE campaign resources for teachers

As part of the campaign to help everyone understand the warning signs of Child Sexual Expolitation (CSE) and how to report it, the 'Know About CSE' campaign is underway.

From January 2016 new resources to help all those working in education understand the signs of CSE, and to know how to stop it in its early stages have been rolled out to every school and educational establishment across Staffordshire and Stoke-on-Trent.

It is the responsibility of every school to esure they have the necessary support in place to recognise and support young people who need help. To help them do this a number of resources have been developed.

  • Power Point DocumentA guide for headteachers and DSLs (692 KB) - This presentation sets out what every Headteacher and designated safeguarding lead needs to know about their school and CSE. 
  • Power Point DocumentWhat all educators need to know about CSE (417 KB) - A presentation for everyone who works in a school which includes videos and tips to help them recognise the signs of CSE, disrupt grooming and know what to do if they have any concerns.
  • Spot the signs - A short infographic film designed to help teachers remember the warnning signs of CSE
  • Guidance for teachers (196 KB) - A downloadable leaflet for teachers.  To order printed copies please email.

CSE resources for classrooms

New Healthy relationships PSHE resource

A new comprehensive and age-appropriate ‘Healthy Relationships’ package created by Birmingham and Solihull partners is available for free.

Developed to support professionals in addressing healthy relationships, including sexual relationships in PHSE areas of the Curriculum to promote positive (and safer) choice.

The following are suitable for primary school children:

This is also suitable for middle school children:

Staffordshire Safeguarding Children Board would like to thank Solihull Local Authority for sharing the intervention guides.

You may also interested in:

New BAIT resource pack for Secondary school and FE colleges

Specifically designed for use by Secondary School and FE Colleges.  We are distributing copies of the resource pack (which includes a DVD and workbook) to all secondary schools and Further Education establishments. You can also download this now at:

Interactive additional resources

The following are very useful to help ensure that your pupils know how to keep themselves safe. We recommed that you use them alongside the materials above. They are extremley helpful discussion prompts and ways of exploring healthy reslationships and keeping safe from grooming through the eyes of a young person.

Suitable for all ages:

  • The new website – which is full of videos, hints and tips and quizzes for young people to recognise CSE, remember the warning signs and explore healthy relationships.
  • Grooming one pager - prompts to foster a discussion about what grooming and sexting are.

For young people aged 11 and over:

  • What to look out for - a guide to spotting the warning signs of CSE in yourself and friends.The knowaboutcse website also includes links to the ‘Treated Badly’ website at  - a tried and tested, interactive way for young people aged 11 and over to explore healthy relationships and the different types of relationship abuse.
  • Party Animal poster  -  can be used as a discussion point in class.  This helps to get over the idea that young people should be questioning why they may be given free drinks/gifts, etc.  

Know About CSE campaign - please help us to reach parents  

The 'Know about CSE' campaign launches on 7 March 2016.  Developed to raise awareness with parents and young people of the warning signs of CSE and what they should do if they have concerns.

You can help by:

  1. Sending this letter to parents (351 KB) to make them aware of the new website at   - thank you.
  2. Downloading the It’s not Okay toolklit promotional materials, digital assets, promotional copy and Press releases and using them on your website, social media and newsletters.
  3. Join in with the national campaign for CSE Awareness Day (18 March 2016), it's called Helping Hands.  It’s all about showing young people over social media the different people that they can talk to about their concerns.  Find out more at stop-cse.
  4. Email the Communications Team if you are willing to showcase your school using the new resources, through the media or social media. We can get help to spread the word about CSE! 

Coming Soon

Schools will have the option to take part in the Ucreate project, commissioned by Staffordshire Police.  This project will give young people the opportunity to create audio and videos about CSE to help raise awareness and understanding with other young people. Watch this space for more details.