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Please see below information for all our courses April 2019 - March 2020.

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SSCB Training Events

Please ensure that you have completed your Level 1 Child Protection training in accordance with your own organisation training strategy/programme. The SSCB partnership is clear that you must complete Level 1 Child Protection training every 3 years (If your organisation does not provide Level 1 Child Protection face to face training please complete Awareness of Child Abuse and Neglect-Core, E-learning) and Delivering Early Help in Staffordshire (This course has automatically been allocated to you, E-learning) before attending SSCB training; otherwise you will not be able to participate appropriately in the training.

FREE - Child Criminal Exploitation Conference

Free Unitentional Injury in Children under 5 Workshop (541KB)

Free Safer Sleep Awareness Workshop (56 KB)

FREE Partnership/Schools Early Help Awareness including Outcome Star (593KB)

FREE - Effective Practice in Earliest and Early Help Workshop (518KB) - A light bite workshop only for professionals who have completed the Partnership/Schools Early Help Assessment including Outcome Star training and use these tools in practice.


Level 1

Child Protection Level 1 Train The Trainer Event  (45 KB)

Level 2 - Please note that once you have completed Staffs Multi-agency Working Together - The Staffordshire Way Training you don't have to complete this training again you can pick a Level 3/4  Multi-agency course to update your Child Protection Training.

Working Together - The Staffordshire Way Multi-Agency Level 2  Training (538 KB)


Level 3

Adult Mental Health and Child Adolescent Self Harm and Suicide Multi Agency Level 3 Training (50 KB)

Children and Domestic Abuse Multi-Agency Level 3 Training  (50 KB)

Child Sexual Exploitation (2 Day) Multi-Agency Levle 3 Training   (52 KB)

Darknet Multi-Agency Level 3 (206 KB)

Disguised Compliance Multi-Agency Level 3  (630Kb)

Drug and Alcohol Awareness and the Impact on Young People (49 KB)

Fabricated Illness Multi-Agency Level 3 Training (229 KB)

Forced Marriage and Honour Related Abuse and Female Genital Mutilation Multi-Agency Levle 3 Training (51 KB)

FREE - Exploitation & Contextual Safeguarding Vulnerable Adolescents  (224KB)

Intra-familial Sexual Abuse Multi-Agency Levlel 3 Training (51KB)

Learning from Child Safeguarding Practice Reviews Multi-Agency Level 3 Training (199KB)

Modern Day Slavery Multi-Agency Level 3 Training(205KB)

Recognition of Neglect and Emotional Harm Multi-agency Level 3 Training (660KB)

Safeguarding the Unborn Child Multi Agency Level 3 Training (47 KB)

Understanding Self Harm and Suicide How to Support Young People Who Carry Out This Behaviour Multi-Agency level 3 Training  (49 KB)

Working with families who are hard to engage with Multi-Agency Level 3 Training (51 KB)

Level 4

Designated Lead Person Multi-Agency Level 4 Training April (49 KB)

Managing Allegations of Abuse Made against a Person Who Works With Children Level 4 Lite Bite Training (66 KB)

Safer Recruitment Multi-Agency Level 4 Training April (48 KB)

SSCB Co-Funded Training Events

There are currently no Co-Funded Training Events taking place at this time.