Examples of early help in practice

Harvey Girls

The Harvey Girls are an organisation that has successfully supported families in Burton with Early Help by working closely in partnership with them and their communities.

Take a look at how practitioners from the Harvey Girls addressed the needs of a family in our video case study. 

Multi-Agency Centres (MACs) in partnership with schools

The MAC concept is about bringing together a range of partners within a high school so that young people can easily access support on a range of difficult and complex issues such as bullying, sexual health, bereavement, domestic abuse, online safety and emotional wellbeing.

Proactive Home Visiting in East Staffordshire

Since July 2015, community organisation East Staffordshire Family Support incorporating Harvey Girls and Dads4Dads, has been participating in a new initiative introduced by Staffordshire County Council to proactively contact families in the area who have a child between the ages of 5–8 months or 13–22 months.

In so doing they ensure that families are aware of and able to access universal services that support their children to have the best start in life, and simultaneously promote the opportunity for early help, if needed. 

Families First Local Support Teams 

The county council’s  children’s service, Families First, has a network of district-based Local Support Teams.

They are made up of practitioners with expertise in working with children, young people and families when the challenges that they face become complex and particularly difficult to resolve.

Local Support Teams support the whole family by delivering evidence-based interventions and promoting effective co-ordination between agencies. 

DADS – Dads and Disability Support

DADS grew from a group called 'You Too’, a parental support group run by mums from Cannock Children Centre for children with additional needs.

DADS group was formed when a father with two children that had complex needs extended the group to increase involvement from fathers in October 2012.

Their aim is “to build awareness to make a difference” by improving integration for children with disabilities in mainstream activities for families in the local community.

House of Bread, Stafford

House of Bread (HOB) is a volunteer-based organisation that offers information advice, guidance and a home-cooked meal for vulnerable and homeless people in Stafford and the surrounding area.

They operate a food bank, Bread Church and community garden/allotment, access to furniture and soft furnishings and clothes re cycling project, and work with families who need support and are directed to them by the local Signpost Centre.

Lichfield International Women’s Group

Lichfield International Women’s Group was started five years ago by a local woman who had lived in other countries with her husband’s work, with her young children and as a result had felt isolated and lonely during her time abroad. On her return to the UK the group was set up to provide support, friendship and signposting to services for women who found themselves in a similar position.