Definition of preventable child deaths

For the purpose of producing aggregate national data, this guidance defines preventable child deaths as those in which modifiable factors may have contributed to the death. These are factors defined as those, where, if actions could be taken through national or local interventions, the risk of future child deaths could be reduced.  

In reviewing the death of each child, the CDOP should consider modifiable factors, for example in the family and environment, parenting capacity or service provision, and consider what action could be taken locally and what action could be taken at a regional or national level.

Definition of an unexpected death of a child

In this guidance an unexpected death is defined as the death of an infant or child (less than 18 years old) which was not anticipated as a significant possibility for example, 24-hours before the death; or where there was a similarly unexpected collapse or incident leading to or precipitating the events which lead to the death.