E-Safety is an issue that involves everyone. By its nature it is a vast issue that demands constant attention and review.

Please click here for the social media catalogue with icons to give you information on apps your children could be accessing.


Rather than develop a complete range of new materials Staffordshire has brought together messages from key agencies and organisations that have a role in e-safety.

"In relation to child safety issues and preventative education more generally, it is well established that promoting safety through one off events, however immediately engaging they may appear to be, is unlikely to be effective in the longer run. Therefore, any approach in a school setting needs to be sustained and well integrated within the curriculum.

It is also important that schools, or indeed any other agencies that may involve themselves in this type of work, have in place appropriate processes and resources to respond appropriately in the event that a child or young person who has been exposed to the materials discloses an experience of sexual or other form of abuse."

E-Safety information (64 KB)

On completion of this course learners will be able to:

  • Develop awareness of different ways children and young people use the internet and mobile technology
  • Develop awareness of possible risks to children and young people using different methods of online and mobile contact
  • Be able to identify key eSafety practices which children and young people should be aware of
  • Know how to report abusive behaviour online
  • Know what to do if a child discloses an experience of abusive online behaviour
  • Be aware of further online eSafety support

To apply for the training follow the link to self register and then you are on your way.


We have a new E-Safety policy under Section 6C which covers the following:

  • Introduction
  • Recognition & Response
  • Allegations against people who work with children
  • Managing the risks posed by new technologies
  • Bullying & other forms of abuse of children online
  • Further guidance and support information

You can see the full policy here:
Word DocumentSection 6C: E-Safety Policy (144 KB)

Internet Safety for Foster Carers and Adoptive Parents

We’re pleased to announce that Childnet and partners in the UK Safer Internet Centre, have worked together with Islington Council to create leaflets for foster carers and adoptive parents.

These are free to download and easy to print. They include top tips and conversation starters to help foster carers and adoptive parents get to grips with internet safety.


Further information

Think U Know? - Parents

Think U Know? - Children and Young People

The ‘Kash Dash’ App - A new mobile game starring Staffordshire police dogs. It launched to help children and young people stay safe online.

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