Child Protection Conferences

What is a Child Protection Conference?

A Child Protection Conference takes place following S47 enquires and is a meeting where families and professionals meet to discuss safeguarding concerns about children and young people. This may be because of concerns about harm or abuse.

What is the purpose of a Child Protection Conference?

The purpose of a Child Protection Conference is to bring together and analyse, in an inter-agency setting, all relevant information and plan how best to safeguard and promote the welfare of the child.

Who should attend?

Statutory guidance Working Together 2015 states that those in attendance will always include a lead social worker, the parents(s) and depending on their age and understanding the child(ren). Other professionals in attendance may include teachers, GP’s, police officers, probation officers or 3rd sector representatives such as home start but this will be dependent on who is working with the family at the time.

Guidance on what to do should you be asked to attend a Child Protection Conference can be found here:

This document is in the process of being revised following the roll out of the new Child Protection Conference model (see below). An update will be provided in the SSCB Newsletter and via SSCB Briefings. For further informaiton please contact:

New model for conducting initial and review conferences across Staffordshire

A new model for conducting initial and review Child Protection Conferences has now been rolled out across the County. The following presentation provides an overview of the changes along with the guidance. Both should be used along side one another.

Powerpoint Presentation External Meeting New CP model 2018

Guidance notes for the new Child Protection Model in Staffordshire

Documents included in the workshops:

Example of Initial-and-Review-Conference-Agenda

Example ICPC-Conference-Invite-Letter

Example Child Protection Conference minutes

Unborn Lowton Child Social Work Report to ICPC (3) FINAL

Example Decision-and-Recommendations-of-ICPC-23.10.2017


If you have an query in respect of the new model please contact:

Claire Cartwright, Business Manager Safeguarding Review, Independent Conference Chairs or

Paula Conyon, Independent Conference Chair