Multi agency case studies and serious case reviews

Copies of Executive Summaries from Serious Case Reviews undertaken in the previous four years are available upon request.

NSPCC National repository of published case reviews

A new page has been created in collaboration with the Association of Independent LSCB Chairs called the National repository of published serious case reviews. The aim is to hold all case reviews in a central location, so the learning contained within them is easier to access.

The NSPCC’s information service will continue to catalogue the published case reviews, including a summary and keywords. This allows reports to be retrieved by theme (eg. domestic abuse; parental mental health issues). The catalogue record will include either a link to the Local Safeguarding Children Board’s (LSCB) website, or a link to an electronic version stored within the library catalogue.

In addition, the NSPCC’s information service is developing a series of at-a-glance case review learning analyses focussed on recurring themes, such as parental substance misuse and domestic abuse. These analyses are intended as brief summaries of key learning written for practitioners presented in an easily digestible format