Shaking your baby is just not the deal

Posted on Monday 17th September 2018

Shaking your baby is just not the deal!

Maternity services at University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Foundation Trust, Burton Hospital site are launching a new Parent Education Programme (PEP), which was developed in Derby and Derbyshire, and consists of:

a) a short educational film (3 minutes long)
b)  information delivered through safety booklet ('Birth and Beyond')
c) a signed commitment statement which confirms the parent’s commitment to keeping their baby’s head safe.

The aim of the PEP is to raise awareness of the dangers of shaking a baby and to prevent Non-accidental head injury.  

The short film will be shown to all parents / carers / partners following the birth of the baby. This will be shown prior to discharge for hospital births or midwife led unit deliveries. Any births at home or in a Hospital outside Staffordshire, the PEP will take place in the home or local community base at the earliest opportunity.

Once completed the commitment slips will be placed in the Red book.

Please find link to the film below:

Dont Shake the Baby Leaflet