First Response IVR System

Posted on Thursday 1st June 2017

Please find below new information regarding the First Response IVR system.

From December 2016 First Response has piloted an IVR system which gives callers to First Response four options to deal with their call. During the pilot all calls have continued to come to First Response and have operated a ‘virtual’ system to get a more accurate picture of demand.  From the 30th May 2017 the system will ‘go live’ and calls will be re-directed corresponding to the options chosen by the caller, and specifically to colleagues in the Corporate Contact Centre, those options are detailed below:

 Option 1

If you would like to follow up a previous referral or speak to your social worker or other allocated worker, please press one

This call will be directed to the Contact Centre

 Option 2 

If you have safeguarding concerns about a child, an unborn child or concerns about a person who works with children, please press two 

This call will be directed to First Response

 Option 3

If you are an education professional and would like some advice about  a safeguarding issue  or advice about whether to make a referral and there is no immediate safeguarding or child protection concern, please press three

This call will be directed to the ESAS (Education Safeguarding Advice Service) advice line in First Response

 Option 4

If your call is about anything else please press four

This call will be directed to the Contact Centre 

Contact Centre staff have received training in Children’s ICT systems including Care Director and Capita and are skilled in manging and handling calls on behalf of the local authority and currently manage similar calls for colleagues in adult services, including adult protection. First Response staff will be supporting the Contact Centre in the first week and there will be close monitoring of demand and outcomes for partner agencies, Families First teams and members of the general public.