Early Help

Posted on Wednesday 4th July 2018

 A new way of supporting children and families in Staffordshire is being rolled out across the county from June 2018 through the new ‘Early Help’ practices developed by the local authority and partner organisations following a successful pilot in Tamworth.


Over the past few months, work has been gaining momentum around the Staffordshire County Council’s Children’s System Transformation. The transformation aims to change the way children and families in Staffordshire are supported, to help families manage the problems that come their way, to keep children safe and to reduce the numbers of children in care.

This means transforming the way we work with families and children, providing the most effective help when it is needed and increasing the support available from within the community. A significant part of the Children’s System Transformation has included revisiting the Early Help Offer in Staffordshire. As part of this process, consultation has taken place with a range of Practitioners and Partners to co-produce the new Early Help Offer. Alongside this in each district, work has been progressing around the ‘Place Based Approach’ to supporting families and communities in locality areas.

A decision was made to test the new Early Help Offer to ensure it dovetailed with the developing locality working model. The Tamworth district was selected for the pilot due to the progress of the Place Based Approach in this locality. The pilot ran from 19th February 2018 until the end of April 2018 and a full evaluation is currently underway. Initial feedback has been positive from county council staff and partners involved with the pilot.

Staffordshire Partner Brief - Early Help County Wide Rollout - May 2018