There are many different organisations that work in conjunction with the Staffordshire Safeguarding Children Board to ensure children are safe from harm.

Army Welfare Service

Young people under 18 may be in the armed forces as recruit or trainees, or may be dependents of a service family. The life of a service family differs in many respects from that of a family in civilian life, particularly for those stationed overseas, or on bases and garrisons in the UK.


Cafcass has a statutory responsibility in England and Wales to ensure that children and young people are put first in family proceedings, their voices are properly heard, the decisions made about them by courts are in their best interests and they and their families are supported throughout the process, no matter what form their family takes.

District Councils

District councils contribute to these and to Safeguarding outcomes in a variety of ways.


Education Transformation (ET) is a service which provides support to education providers across Staffordshire in relation to the curriculum and other aspects of education such as special educational needs, elective education at home, minority ethnic learners, behaviour, health and well being (including PSHE, drugs and alcohol education, healthy schools).

Families First

The Families First Service ensures that the needs of children, young people and families across Staffordshire are identified early, the right help is put in place and problems are stopped from getting worse.

Health Services

All health professionals, in the NHS, the private sector and other settings, play an essential part in ensuring that children and families receive appropriate care, support and services they need in promoting children's health and development. The universal nature of health provision means health professionals are often the first to be aware that families may be experiencing difficulties in looking after their children.

Probation Service

Staffordshire Probation provides a critical link between children's services and those engaged in working with young adult and adult offenders who may constitute risks to vulnerable children and young people. It has a statutory duty to supervise offenders, working to reduce the risk of reoffending and protecting the public from the harm which offenders can pose.

Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services

The Staffordshire Council of Voluntary Youth Services is an umbrella organisation for Voluntary Youth Organisations and is a registered charity No 1104690. It is governed by its members through a constitution.

Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service

Everyday Staffordshire Fire and Rescue Service make sure that what they do makes a difference to communities in Staffordshire. Whether it's responding to emergencies or educating people.

Staffordshire Police Service

Protecting life and preventing crime are primary tasks of the police, including a duty and responsibility for investigating criminal offences allegedly committed against children.

The police recognise the fundamental importance of working with others, particularly social workers, in combating child abuse.

HM Young Offenders Institute - Werrington

HM Youth Offending Institute Werrington has a duty to promote and safeguard the well being of the young people in our care. We are proactively involved in the following areas: Child Protection (either current or historical), Independent Review of Restraint Recommendation, Violence Reduction, Anti-bullying, Suicide/Self Harm concerns.